Indian-Origin Sunak, Braverman in race to become UK PM

London: Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the United Kingdom (UK) has resigned as Conservative Party leader after months of ethics scandals and a party revolt. But he remains Britain’s prime minister — for now — while a successor is chosen.

His resignation, which came after dozens of ministers quit his government in protest, sparks a party contest to replace him as a leader. Already the list of likely contenders is long and growing, from recently resigned Treasury chief Rishi Sunak, his successor in that job Nadhim Zahawi, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, Attorney General Suella Braverman, and Defense Secretary Ben Wallace.

Sunak was, for a time, widely regarded as the conservative party’s brightest rising star and the bookmakers’ favorite to succeed Johnson. Sunak, 42, became Treasury chief in 2020, given the unenviable job of steering the slumping economy through the coronavirus pandemic. His policies, including dishing out billions of pounds to help businesses and workers, were generally well-received. Like Johnson, Sunak was fined by police for attending a lockdown-flouting birthday party at Downing Street in June 2020.

Goan-origin Suella Braverman is among the early Tory members of Parliament to formally declare her leadership bid for the top job. Johnson has resigned as party leader, but he is still prime minister until his successor is elected. His predecessor, Theresa May, remained in office for more than a month between announcing her resignation and the selection of Johnson as the new Tory leader.

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