Indian, US Coast Guards hold joint drill ‘Abhyas’ off Chennai coast

The Indo-US Coast Guard joint exercise ”Abhyas-01/22” was held off the Chennai coast on Monday. 

The focus of the exercise was to familiarize the personnel of Coast Guards of both the nations with each other’s capabilities, a defense release said. The objectives included strengthening working relationship between the forces of the two nations, enhancing inter-operability in the area of maritime search and rescue (SAR), boarding operations and other maritime law enforcement duties. 

The highlights are fleet manoeuvers, creating a scenario of hijacking of a vessel and subsequent rescue of its crew in a coordinated anti-piracy joint operation. Interdiction of pirated vessel, coordinated joint boarding operations, SAR demonstration and external fire-fighting to salvage burning ships were the other highlights of the exercise. 

The 4-day visit of  United States Coast Guard Cutter Midgett to Chennai on a goodwill visit culminated on Monday. During the visit, USCG ship had professional exchanges on visit-board-search-seizure operations, cross-deck visits, and friendly volleyball match with Indian Coast Guard counterparts from 16 to 19 September. 

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