India’s Ricky Kej wins his second Grammy for album ‘Divine Tides’

Indian musician Ricky Kej won his second Grammy in the Best New Age Album category at the 64th Grammy Awards held at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Marquee Ballroom on April 4. He won the award for the album Divine Tides along with rock legend Stewart Copeland. 

In a post on social media, Ricky Kej shared a picture of himself along with Stewart Copeland, and said, “So grateful to have won the Grammy Award for our album Divine Tides. Absolutely love this living legend standing next to me – Stewart Copeland. Love all of you too! This is my 2nd Grammy Award and Stewart’s sixth.” 

Ricky Kej won his first Grammy in 2015 at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards for his album Winds of Samsara in the Best New Age Album category. 

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