Indo-Pacific strategy resurrection of bloc politics: China

Beijing: China has slammed the US for interfering in the Indo-Pacific, saying its strategy for the region is a resurrection of Cold War mentality and bloc politics, and “has nothing new” or any future.

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the US Indo-Pacific strategy is different from what the US is actually doing in this region. “It claims to advance freedom and openness in the region, but is forming exclusive cliques like AUKUS and the Quad,” it said.

“It (the US) asserts to strengthen regional security but is generating grave nuclear proliferation risks that would undermine regional security and stability. It professes to promote regional prosperity but is provoking antagonism and provocation between regional countries.

“This undercuts the ASEAN-centered regional cooperation architecture formed over the years and poses a serious threat to regional cooperation outcomes and development prospects,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said.

“This strategy that resurrects the cold war mentality and bloc politics has nothing new, still less does it have any future. It will bring only division… to Asia-Pacific. It will therefore be met with vigilance and be brushed aside by the regional countries,” Wang added.

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