Innovation with Creativity

By Pratyush Vyas
Software Engineer

He is innovative in his thinking with proven digital solutions. Prasenjit Bhadra harmonizes understanding and appreciation of ‘pure creativity’ and ‘latest technology’. We have to be familiar with technical terms to be able to grasp the significance of the global patent in his name.

He is an expert in sharing possibilities and delivering solutions with convergence of  IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) for solutions ranging from ‘Cyber Security threats’ to ‘threats for the environment’.

The software solutions provided by Ranial Systems need special hardware to run them, so his company is focused on software as well as hardware. We have to be familiar with technical terms to be able to grasp the significance of the global patent in his name, it relates to the fascinating and evolving world of wireless solutions that converge with the power of real-time cognitive Artificial Intelligence. He is offering a complete package in the field of emerging technologies.
When you look at his formative years, we get an idea of a multi-dimensional personality rooted in the spiritual essence of India. Prasenjit loved playing with colors and creativity. He defines his company as the convergence of creative minds. His quest of finding unknown things in the known world has resulted in useful applications of digital data. He began pursuing artforms, loved music and performed as a singer in several parts of India. Prasenjit remembers festivals as an opportunity for artistic expression. He also pursued a course in visual arts and was a regular at the Ramkrishna Mission. There came a time, when he was at a crossroad, whether to pursue artistic career or to follow a more stable career path. Prasenjit also addressed as Jeet has grown with meditation, music, painting and compassionate heart with inquisitive mind.
Jeet has applied Swami Vivekananda’s words, ‘…Stop not till the goal is reached” in his life. Creativity for him now means having freedom to improve from what you have.

Prasenjit has played an important role in rolling out many innovative products in renewable asset management infrastructure, WIP tracking and Enterprise middleware serving global clients and IT organizations.

What we have in the digital world, as per Johan Krebbers, “The value comes when the data is used for decision making”. Jeet says researchers are anticipating, we will have 50 billion devices connected by 2025, which will generate millions of terabytes of data. The whole question of efficient use of data management, storage and analysis is relevant for our quality of life as well as the world economy. Against this background, Jeet’s Ranial is the only industrial IoT platform company to bring cognitive AI and real-time intelligence to the point of action. Here is the exciting and fascinating part: Ranial designed integrated hardware and software runtime can diffuse predictive and prescriptive intelligence at the edge of the network.

It may prove a lifesaver as medical monitoring and actionable insight. He observes that the market is not ready with advanced hardware to support the advanced software in multi-technology stack provided by Ranial.

The technology built by them is for the B-to-B segment but Jeet doesn’t rule out the possibility of offering technology for business to the consumer segment, but he is also aware of the limitation of the internet bandwidth in carrying information.

CEO of Ranial systems offers the technology which works with the stream of data as it comes, analyzes it and offers corrective measures in real-time, this is needed for preventing accidents and mishaps. This is inspired by cognitive neuroscience for better value in the long run.
Imagining a world where technology is able to ‘learn on the go’, he envisions autonomous machines. Artificial intelligence is adding significant value by collecting and managing data intelligently, but Jeet feels, there has to be a conscious decision to set boundaries for robots, if these autonomous machines end up developing their own moods, they would be a threat to the human race.


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