International conference on “Environment, Business and Sustainability: The Emerging Paradigms”

The ICEBS-2023 conference is organized by Centre for Social Innovation and Management (CSIM), School of Management, Bennett University in collaboration with Universidad Camilo José Cela (UCJC), Madrid (Spain) in hybrid mode. 

This conference is the first international conference from the School of Management, Bennett University.  It reflected a commitment to foster interdisciplinary research, and perspectives by CSIM. The conference received 120 abstracts. Out of which 90 were accepted and 63 were presented in the conference. The conference proceedings were released in book format by the dignitaries.  

In today’s world marked by climate change, the fragility of global order due to COVID-19 – there is a need to have dialogues to protect our beautiful blue planet. The primary objective of the conference – facilitate discussion and exchange of ideas among stakeholders from different parts of the world.  

On day one of the conference, the welcome address was given by Prof Nilanjan Chattopadhyay, Dean, SOM. In his address, he welcomed all the conference participants. Further, Dr Shamindra Nath Sanyal, Convenor of the conference introduced the theme of the conference to the audience. In his address, he mentioned that sustainable development is a paradigm. This was the idea behind moving ahead with this conference which will act as a platform for scholars and faculty to move their ideas beyond the rooms where the same are discussed. The inaugural address was given by the Pro-VC, Prof Ajith Abhraham – an eminent academician. In his address, he congratulated the entire team behind the conference. He mentioned that such largescale conferences are a must and what excites him about the conference is the keyword “Sustainability”! There have been lot of deliberations on the sustainability aspect even in G-20 held recently in New Delhi, India. We need to make huge progress in sustainability as defined by the SDGs of UN.  It is only sustainability that can ensure economic prosperity in the long run. He further mentioned that is a herculean task and it is easy to talk about it at such platforms.  It is imperative in today’s world to identify underlying patterns in various domains to solve issues that impact the world at large as we are so interlinked. We need solutions and more implementable solutions. We hope to find some solutions through the deliberations over the next two days of the conference.  

Prof Rama Komaragiri, Dean R&C, Bennett University addressed the audience with his special address in which he mentioned that sustainability is a matter close to both Asians and Europeans. According to him, such conferences show the way forward for everyone involved. He was particularly interested in the session on “Planet and Profit” scheduled later in the conference schedule.  

Mr. Sudhanshu Verma, COO, Bennett University talked about the University in his address. After appreciating the Chancellor, Mr. Vineet Jain and the governing body member, Ms Revati Jain’ efforts for coming up with the idea of this University which has grown by leaps and bounds since 2016.  

The keynote address was delivered by the Chief Guest, Dr Sara Cabanas, Associate Professor from UCJS, Spain. Dr Sara gave a presentation on “Sustainable Development from the Perspective of International Law”. She covered topics ranging from international instruments in the field of sustainable development and the failure of States to fulfill their obligations. She also analyzed COPs and the need to have an international binding court in this matter along with the pivotal role to be played by NGOs.  

Image courtesy of thesatimes

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