IOCUSA welcomes withdrawal of farm laws

“It is a great day for democracy and freedom and a humongous victory for the farmers in their struggle for justice and fairness. The enormous sacrifices they made in this struggle show the indomitable human spirit. We also salute 700 of those farmers who have lost their lives during this struggle. An apology should be forthcoming as well for name-callings at the farmers such as ‘anti-nationals’ for exercising their legitimate rights to protest government policies,” said George Abraham, vice-chairman of the IOCUSA. 

“While we welcome the Prime Minister’s announcement, the parliament should convene at the earliest to repeal these laws and reinstate the Minimum Price Guarantee as demanded by the farmers. We also appeal to the government to pay reparations to those farmers who lost their lives during the struggle,” he added. 

Image courtesy of thesatimes

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