Is brand Air India ready to fly again?

Despite its multiple shortfalls in terms of lack of high-quality in-flight service, outdated aircraft fleet and lack of technology advancement (such as on-board entertainment), Air India still manages to piggyback on its glory days. Many brand experts recall fond memories associated with the airline and are hopeful of a brand overhaul, reports Forbes.

Senior advertising and media executives believe that Tata needs to immediately look at amalgamating past glory and future-led technologies to make Air India a competitive homegrown but truly world-class brand. Air India, which has received a bad rap for its service, needs to signal a change and communicate to customers that it has changed for good.

The airline returning to Tata also translates into the brand being handled with care and efficiency, often synonymous with the group. The severe trust deficit among customers is also expected to be repaired.

Despite the call for an overhaul, there has been a clear consensus on retaining Air India’s much-loved mascot—the ‘Maharajah’. This portly figure in regal garb has held a special place in the hearts of the country’s citizens for years.

According to digital and new-age brand transformational companies, the Maharajah could make a comeback with a touch of modern designing. Harshil Karia, founder of digital agency Schbang India says that given Tata’s penchant for design, one is likely to see Air India become a lot fresher.

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