It looks like it needed a virus to turn you spiritual: Jaggi Vasudev

By Sukant Deepak

Stressing that right now, people’s fear of the Coronavirus is essentially because mortality is staring them in the face and they are realizing how fragile human life is, Jaggi Vasudev, popularly known as Sadhguru, states, “Because people believe they are immortal, once in a while, when something reminds them of their mortality, they become tortured.” 

Adding further, “But if you are consciously reminded every moment that you are mortal, if every cell in the body is constantly aware that it is going to be terminated, then life is at total ease. Only because we are mortal, the spiritual process, a dimension beyond mortality, means something to us. If it is guaranteed that tomorrow you are going to die, what would you do? It would become immensely important to know something beyond your physicality. Only then sitting here and turning inward becomes meaningful. So this time is a reminder of your mortality. Well, I have been trying to turn you spiritual for a long time now. It looks like it needed a virus to do it! We are offering some simple practices online that will help people to boost their immunity and give them the mental stability to go through this time.” 

The founder of Isha Foundation, talking about his latest book ‘Death: An Inside Story’, published by Penguin Ananda recently, Vasudev says that of all the events in one’s life that may or may not happen, death will certainly do. “Everything else in your life may happen many times over, but the final moment when you transcend the limitations of your physical body will happen only once in your lifetime. It is the last thing that you will do, so is it not very important that you make it happen most gracefully and wonderfully?”

He adds, “In a way, from a spiritual perspective, what did not perhaps happen in life can be accomplished at the moment of death, if handled sensibly. With just a little bit of preparation, guidance and even a bit of help, what is now considered a catastrophe can become a huge opportunity for spiritual possibility. If you are unprepared or become fearful of it or are ignorant of the ways of life, you will create resistance towards it and miss that possibility completely. So everyone should know how to die by themselves. A book on death has been long overdue.” (IANS)

Image courtesy of thesatimes | Welcome to The South Asian Times

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