JAINA completes first phase of eLibrary’s ‘Searchable Jain Scripture’ project

JAINA Education Committee (Jain eLibrary) has announced the phase 1 completion of the “Searchable Jain Agam/Scripture.” The Agam Search Engine is based on printed Unicode text and this search provides any topic to be searched and results of individual Sutras and their translation in multiple languages as available in Unicode.

Steps to Search

  1. Click on Agam Search link on the home page.
  1. Please type in Devanagari (Hindi, Sanskrit, and Prakrit), or Gujarati or English language in the search bar.
  1. Click on the Search button.
  1. Click on Scripture Name of the result row to view the brief result summary (level 1) or
  1. Click on View Detail of the result row to view details of the result record (level 2)
  1. On the Detail page, click on the Word Icon to download the Mool Doc File and Anuvad Doc File.

The Jain literature currently searchable

1. Swetambar 45 Agam

The current collection of searchable Agam includes 45 Agam of Swetambar tradition.  These 45 Agam include about 15000 original Sutras in Prakrit language and their translations (Anuvad) in Hindi and Gujarati languages. These 45 Agam are compiled and edited in Unicode by Agam Divakar Dr. Muni Deepratnasagar Maharajsaheb popularly known as “Shrut Maharshi.” Unicode fonts are a key requirement for searchable text. 

Agam database includes the following:

Mool Sutras 45 Agam (in Unicode Language)

ELibrary Books Srl #

     Mool Sutra in Prakrit Language

003701 to 003789

     Hindi Meaning

034667 to 034714

     Gujarati Meaning

035601 to 035648

2. Suman Suttam

In 1974, during the celebration of Bhagawän Mahaveer Swami’s 2500th birth anniversary, various Acharyas, monks and scholars got together and compiled/approved a book known as “Saman Suttam.”  This book contains the important Jain sutras from various Jain scriptures. Saman Suttam brings out the essence of Jainism acceptable to the entire Jain community/Sects.

The Mool Sutras of the Saman Suttam book are in Prakrit (Ardha-Magadhi, or Sursuni), Sanskrit languages and the translation of Sutras compiled in Hindi, English, Gujarati, and several other languages. Also, all Sutras have been transliterated in English.

The respective Hindi, Gujarati, and English translations of all sutras of Saman Suttam are compiled in Jain eLibrary and can be searched by these book serial numbers – 008026, 008027, 001939.

3. Jain Dharma Saar

“Jain Dharma Saar” book is an earlier version of Saman Suttam book. It can be found on Jain eLibrary searching for serial number 001976.

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