Jathara Parivartanasana: The Spinal twist pose

By Atul Vyas

‘Jathara’ means stomach or abdomen, and ‘parivatan’ means change. This pose means revolving the abdomen. In this yogic posture the lower abdomen is rotated away from the upper abdomen resulting in increased peristalsis.

The pelvis is a large circular bony mass that lies between the spine (upper extremity) and the legs (lower extremity). It is also called the ‘basin of the body’. The pelvis is a sensitive structure before puberty therefore children should not be insisted to become professional athletes before puberty, as per Yoga.

There are two most important movements in this pose one is hip adduction or movement of hip towards midline of the body and second is spinal rotation.


  • Lie on the back with legs and feet together

  • Stretch arms out to sides at shoulder level with palms facing down
  • Bend the right leg and place the sole of the foot beside the left kneecap
  • Place the left hand on top of the right knee
  • Now, gently bring the right knee down towards the floor on the left side of the body, keeping the leg bent and the foot in contact with left knee
  • Turn head to the right, look along the straight arm, and gaze at the palms of the right hand
  • The left hand should remain in contact with the floor, while the other leg remain straight
  • Breath normally
  • Once in the pose and hold this position as long as is comfortable then switch sides
  • Repeat on other side with the other leg


  • Relieves tiredness
  • Strengthen lower back
  • Stretches the pelvic region and makes it strong
  • Tones pelvic and abdominal organs

Atul Vyas likes to be called a “Yoga Scientist”. He is a celebrity yoga trainer and has trained several top Hollywood and Bollywood stars. He has trained for years under many eminent yoga gurus including his illustrious mother Daya Vyas, the first lady yoga guru of India.

Images courtesy of FitSri and Provided

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