Jill Biden closes second night as Joe formally secures nomination

Milwaukee, WI: Joe Biden was formally nominated for president with an impressive virtual roll call vote. Because Democrats are not able to meet in person in Milwaukee, WI,  this week, each state delegation filmed a video to cast their votes for president. The videos provided a vibrant visualization of every region in the country, and the well-received presentation raised the possibility that future conventions could retain certain elements of this year’s virtual event.

The Biden campaign produced a moving video recounting how Jill met her future husband shortly after his first wife and his young daughter were killed in a car accident. Biden also reflected on the sorrow of losing their eldest son, Beau, to brain cancer at the age of 46. The former second lady argued that her husband’s continued commitment to public service, despite these devastating losses, underscored how he would lead the country through this moment of crisis. “How do you make a broken family whole? The same way you make a nation whole,” Biden said. “With love and understanding – and with small acts of kindness. With bravery. With unwavering faith.”

Image courtesy of (photos: DNC)

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