J&K Summit: Miffed Pak approaches G20 nations

New Delhi: Pakistan has launched a diplomatic campaign denouncing India’s plan to hold some of the events related to the 2023 G20 summit in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K).

With Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government planning to hold some events related to the G20 summit in J&K, Islamabad has already reached out to Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan’s ‘iron brother’ China, conveying its objection to New Delhi’s plan to take the foreign leaders to the newest Union Territory of India.

Islamabad already asked Beijing, Ankara, and Riyadh to convey to New Delhi that they might consider boycotting the G23 summit next year if the Modi Government did not drop its plan to hold some of the events related to the conclave in J&K. The countries Pakistan reached out to with the request to dissuade India from going ahead with its plan, however, remained non-committal so far, a source told Deccan Herald.

Modi will host the leaders of the other G20 nations for the summit, which will be held in October or November next year. This will be the first major international summit to be held in J&K after its special status guaranteed under Article 370 of the Constitution was withdrawn and the erstwhile state was divided into two union territories in August 2019.

The plan is being seen by Islamabad as a move by India to assert its claim on J&K as an integral part of its territory and reject Pakistan’s claim on it before the international community.

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