Joe Russo shares details about Priyanka Chopra-starrer ‘Citadel’

Joe Russo, one half of the director-producer duo Russo Brothers, has divulged new details about their upcoming Amazon Prime series, ‘Citadel’. The spy series will star Priyanka Chopra in the lead with Richard Madden.

The flagship series will release first, post which the show’s Indian version, which will be directed by Raj and DK of The Family Man fame, will release.

Speaking to Variety about it, Joe said, “It’s sort of an experiment in narrative. It has a flagship show that then has regional shows that are built around the core idea. They’re complementary narratives. It’s regional talent producing and creating each one of those offshoot shows. It’s a big experiment in community and partnership”.

He, however, did not share details about the show’s plot. “It’s under wraps. It’s a big world set against the backdrop of a thriller. Each show features complimentary narratives, set in different locations, using different characters but are all tangentially associated with one of the two major organizations that are in the show,” he said.

Priyanka has been shooting for ‘Citadel’ in London since earlier this year. She recently arrived in Valencia, Spain, for a new leg of shoot.

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