Journalist and political activist Gloria Steinem endorses Carolyn Maloney for reelection

Gloria Steinem

New York: Gloria Steinem, the iconic feminist, journalist and social political activist who is nationally recognized as a leader for women’s causes, endorsed Carolyn Maloney for reelection in New York’s 12th Congressional District. 

The endorsement takes place on the historic 100th anniversary of the House’s passage of the 19th Amendment, and continues the Congresswoman’s surge in momentum as she heads toward the June 23rd Democratic primary.

“Of all times in history, this is not the moment to replace experience with inexperience, or to lose seniority on crucial committees,” said Steinem. “We need Carolyn Maloney in Congress now more than ever — especially in the critical position she holds as Chairwoman of the powerful House Oversight Committee — the first woman ever to sit in that chair. It’s doubly crucial to keep Carolyn Maloney in Congress now, when the Equal Rights Amendment has finally been ratified by 38 states, and only needs a removal of an unfair Congressional deadline. She has long been the advocate for the ERA, and she must be there to assure and celebrate its final passage.”

Said Maloney, “I am just so humbled to have the support of Gloria Steinem, a trailblazer whose pioneering efforts and strong leadership in the cause of women has meant so much to women and families across the nation.  I thank Gloria for placing her trust in me, and I in turn am committed as ever to continue to fight for New York and this nation’s women, children and families, especially now, in one of the most difficult times in our nation’s history.”

Congresswoman Maloney has been endorsed by numerous elected officials, advocacy groups, unions, Democratic Clubs and community leaders including Senator Kirstin Gillibrand, DC 37 and 32BJ; the Aldos Democrats and the Eleanor Roosevelt Democratic Club; the Planned Parenthood Action Fund and NOW PAC; Donna Lent, President of the National Women’s Political Caucus and April Simpson, President of the Queensbridge Tenants Association, to name just a few.  For a full list of endorsements, visit

New York’s 12th Congressional District includes most of the East Side of Manhattan and Roosevelt Island and extends across the East River into the Boroughs of Queens (including Astoria, Long Island City, and parts of Woodside) and Brooklyn (including Greenpoint).  

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