Kamala Harris may preside over Trump trial

Washington: Following Trump’s impeachment in the US House of Representatives, the indictment will now be sent to the US Senate which has the power to hold a trial and convict the President.

Since Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell has said he will allow the matter to come before the Senate only after Trump demits office on January 20, he will be facilitating Kamala Harris, who would have been sworn in as vice-president, presiding over a Senate deadlocked at 50-50 when two newly-elected Democrats from Georgia are sworn in.

Although precedent calls for the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court to preside over the trial (he did during Trump’s first impeachment), some analysts are saying the vice-president, as the constitutionally designated President of the Senate, could also be in the chair. Even otherwise, she will have a tie-breaking vote in a chamber locked at 50-50.

Next only to Harris, the star of the Senate show will be Republican leader Mitch McConnell, who will hold Trump’s fate in his hands. For four years a Trump surrogate in the Senate, McConnell has now turned against the defeated President and indicated he may consider voting to convict Trump.

To convict Trump, 17 of the 50 Republicans in the new Senate would have to join the 50 Democrats to meet the necessary two-thirds threshold.

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