Kapil Dev kills rumors of death with new video

New Delhi: Cricket icon Kapil Dev found a unique way to kill rumours about his death that floated in social media by recording a video for promotion of his upcoming interaction with a private bank.

Kapil recorded a 21-second video in which he looks hale and hearty.

India’s first World Cup-winning captain had undergone a successful emergency coronary angioplasty on October 23 and was discharged from Fortis-Escorts Heart Institute Hospital, New Delhi, two days later on October 25.

Social media was abuzz this week with a rumor that Kapil, 61, was readmitted to the hospital and some even went to the extent of saying that he had passed away.

Later in the day, Kapil, wearing a matching purple coat and trousers, recorded the video.

“Hi, I am Kapil Dev and I am going to share my story with the Barclays family on 11th of November – some cricketing stories, some memories. [A] festival season is on. So, get ready on the 11th [for] your question-answer [session], and we can have a great time. Enjoy yourself and have a great time,” said a beaming Kapil.

Kapil had checked in at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute’s emergency department on the night of October 23-24 with a complaint of chest pain. He was evaluated and an emergency coronary angioplasty was performed by Dr. Atul Mathur, Director of Cardiology Department, in the middle of night.

Kapil once held the world Test record for most wickets — 434. He held the world record for over six years, until it was broken by West Indian fast bowler Courtney Walsh. Kapil retired from the game in 1994.

Kapil had also led India to the World Cup triumph in 1983, when India were considered weak in limited-overs cricket.

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