Kash Patel Lauds Indian American Conservatives

Richmond, Texas: “We have to put on a two-year campaign to win back the country through Congress with oversight that is meaningful, and then we’ll get to 2024,” said former Chief of Staff to the Department of Defense and Secretary of Defense, and former President Trump’s adviser, Kash Patel in Fort Bend County on Aug. 26.

Patel was the featured keynote speaker at the Indo-American Conservatives of Texas (IACT) gala at Safari Texas Ranch in Richmond.

Noticing the cross-section of the audience in attendance at the gala demonstrating the community’s diversity, Patel said, “I do events all over the country and I’m so proud to do it for ethnic groups of all kinds, but rarely do I get to see a diverse crowd like this. It’s truly, truly amazing. …and people should know that it happens in Texas. I’m going to tell them.”

Patel said he was humbled by the IACT invitation and “I could not be prouder as an Indian American to receive my first ever invitation from any Indian American group in the country and it’s right here.”

Kashyap Pramod “Kash” Patel served as the Chief of Staff to the Department of Defense, where his responsibilities included implementing the Secretary’s mission using our 3 million plus employees, operating a $740 billion budget, and $2 trillion in assets.

Patel in a statement posted on Truth Social Friday blasted the Department of Justice (DOJ) after his name was included in the Mar-a-Lago raid affidavit.

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