Khalistan supporters vandalize Mahatma Gandhi’s statue outside Indian embassy in US

A violent group of Khalistani separatists desecrated Mahatma Gandhi’s statue outside the Indian embassy in Washinton, DC during a demonstration by Sikh-American youths in support of farmers protesting against the recently enacted agriculture laws in India.
Hundreds of Sikhs from in and around Greater Washington DC area, Maryland and Virginia, along with many from other states like New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio and North Carolina, on Saturday undertook a car rally to the Indian embassy in downtown Washington DC, where they gathered to express solidarity with the protesting Indian farmers.
However, the peaceful protest was soon hijacked by the separatist Sikhs who were carrying Khalistani flags with anti-India posters and banners.
During the protest, many of the pro-Khalistan Sikh youths flashing kirpans jumped on the statue of Mahatma Gandhi and pasted a poster over it. The group raised anti-India and pro-Khalistan slogans.
The Indian embassy condemned the “mischievous act” by hooligans masquerading as protesters.
“The statue of Mahatma Gandhi at the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Plaza in front of the embassy was defaced by Khalistani elements on 12 December 2020. The Embassy strongly condemns this mischievous act by hooligans masquerading as protesters against the universally respected icon of peace and justice,” it said in a statement.
The embassy said it has lodged a strong protest with the US law enforcement agencies and also taken up the matter with the Department of State for an early investigation and action against the culprits under the applicable law.
The Washington DC Police and Secret Services had a sizable presence when all this happened on Saturday afternoon.
Around half-an-hour later, another group of Khalistan supporters hung a dummy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s picture with a rope around the neck of the statue.
After more than an hour, a secret service agent was seen coming near the statue and apparently telling the youths that they were violating the law by indulging in vandalism.
On June 26, US President Donald Trump had signed an executive order, according to which an individual can be imprisoned for up to 10 years for destroying, damaging, vandalizing or desecrating a monument, memorial, or statue within the US or otherwise vandalizes government property.

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