Kitchen hacks: Ways to use a Zipper Bag

The global pandemic has undoubtedly taught us the importance of time management and the use of multi-utility products to organize our lives. High-quality zipper bags are a recent innovation for a hassle-free and organized experience. These bags have caused a significant revolution in kitchens and are also suitable for other items that need to be kept organized and in one location.

These zipper bags are a godsend for work-from-home couples and nuclear families in India who need to make their food preparations last longer and eat healthier.

Unique ideas to use Zipper Bag:

Store one week’s meal: Use an Asahi Kasei Zipper Bag to make one week’s worth of meal prep and organize it by labeling the bags with the designated day/type of meal stored in them.

Keep leafy vegetables fresh: Zipper Bag traps moisture and thus keeps leafy greens fresh and in good condition for a long time. To keep leafy vegetables, such as coriander leaves, mint leaves, spinach, or spring onions, fresh for a longer period of time, dry them out, place it in a Zipper Bag and place it in the refrigerator.

Smoothie Meal Prep: Zipper bags keep chopped fruits fresh for an extended period of time. The recyclable Zipper Bag allows you to maintain a healthy lifestyle without having to chop fresh fruits every day.

Streamline the freezer: You can save freezer space by freezing food flat in zipper bags for easy stacking instead of using a hard plastic container.

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