Kremlin accuses Kyiv of ‘deliberate attack’ on Russian journalist

New York: The Kremlin accused Kyiv of carrying out a “deliberate attack on journalists” in Ukraine’s southeastern Zaporizhzhia region, in which a reporter for the Russian state news agency RIA was killed.

Rostislav Zhuravlev, a war correspondent, was killed and three other Russian journalists were wounded in a Ukrainian artillery attack last week, the Russian defense ministry said, adding they were evacuated from the battlefield but Zhuravlev died during the journey.

“As a result of a strike by the Ukrainian army using cluster munitions, four journalists were wounded in various levels of severity,” the Russian army said in a statement.

It said the other correspondents have wounds of “medium severity”. Russia has launched a criminal probe into Rostislav Zhuravlev’s death.

“Russia’s deputy ambassador to the United Nations, Dmitry Polyansky, said that this attack has crossed all moral red lines,” Hawkins said, adding that Konstantin Kosachev, the vice deputy speaker of the Russian Federation Council, said that Ukraine and Washington bore equal responsibility for the attack.

The Russian foreign ministry said Zhuravlev’s death is “a heinous, premeditated crime” committed by Western powers and Kyiv. “Everything indicates that the attack on the group of journalists was not carried out by chance,” the Russian foreign ministry said.

The United Nations cultural arm UNESCO says that as of July 20, 12 journalists have died in Ukraine since the start of the conflict in February 2022.

Image courtesy of Twitter@mfa_russia

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