Kriti Sanon launches own skincare brand Hyphen on 33rd birthday

Indian film actress Kriti Sanon has teamed up with the parent firm of mCaffeine, PEP Technologies to establish Hyphen, a new skincare line that strives to offer straightforward and practical skincare solutions.
On her 33rd birthday, the actress took to social media and wrote, “Happy Birthday to me! It’s finally here! Today, on 27th July 2023, my heart is filled with joy and gratitude as I welcome you all to our world of Hyphen!”
“Hyphen is a hope of possibilities, opportunities and of adding more chapters to life! And this chapter of my life is super special! Turning my obsession of skincare into a passion and then into a dream- a dream of getting a lot of amazing ingredients together to make power-packed products that actually work! We’ve hyphened the power of nature and the potency of science to give multiple benefits from each product. People say “You can’t have it all!” But why not? Just HYPHEN it! Here’s to glowing and growing together! I can’t thank the entire team of Hyphen and my co-founders enough who’ve worked endlessly to get our baby out on my birthday.” 
The actress introduced herself as the co-founder and chief customer officer of the brand.

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