Laura Curran pushes for Census participation by Sept 30 deadline

New Cassel, NY: Nassau County Executive Laura Curran Sept 18 highlighted Nassau County’s final push to increase 2020 Census self-response rates via community engagement, social messaging campaigns, and Census Mobile Questionnaire Assistance events prior to the September 30th deadline. She announced that Nassau’s outreach agencies are pressing on with multi-lingual multi-media messaging over the next two weeks. Nassau will use its SMS system, email listserve, and social media networks to get the message out until the 9/30 deadline. The County will now also have Census Bureau assistance stands safely stationed at COVID-19 testing clinics for the rest of the month.

“The final countdown to fill out the Census is on, and the stakes have never been higher for Nassau. All it takes is ten minutes to shape the next ten years in your community. If you’ve already filled your Census out, ask your friends and family if they’ve filled out theirs and let them know the deadline is September 30th. Every additional person that fills out the Census in the next two weeks will help our communities build back stronger from this crisis and catalyze a future of hope and opportunity for every family on Long Island,” said Laura Curran.

Thanks to an aggressive outreach campaign that kicked off in February 2019 with County Executive Curran’s formation of Nassau’s Complete Count Committee, Nassau County leads all Counties in New York State in Census responses with 73.4% total response. However, she is emphasizing the need to increase participation numbers in the County’s lower socioeconomic areas, such as New Cassel.

“The decisions made based on the information obtained from the 2020 Census will affect the quality of life for the people here on Long Island for the next 10 years,” said North Hempstead Supervisor Judi Bosworth. “It’s our responsibility as a Town, and as a member of the greater Long Island community, to ensure that every person is counted.”

County Executive Curran was joined at the press conference by Town of North Hempstead Councilwoman Viviana Russell, Amy Flores, Executive Director of the Office of Hispanic Affairs, Lionel Chitty, Executive Director of the Office of Office of Minority Affairs, Farrah Mozawalla, Executive Director of the Office of Asian American Affairs, and Bishop Lionel Harvey of First Baptist Cathedral of Westbury.

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