Lessons from the 2020 presidential election

By Vibhuti Jha 

Executive Director & Board of Director, Nalanda International 

The election is over, but the results are yet to be certified despite record breaking voter participation by the American people. The enthusiasm crossed party lines, with both candidates scoring highest ever votes.

There is so much to talk about as learning lessons from the 2020 elections. From the Indian American point of view I will list a few of my thoughts so that we make sure we do something about them to be a stronger alternative as a community instead of having our scattered strength! If Indians need to be counted, then let’s not repeat the mistakes again!

  1. Hindus have no institutional backing or support – we create sporadic groups but the existing organizations are virtually impotent. Look at CAIR or Indian American Muslim Council – they run repeated political initiatives but the Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America (VHPA) or the Hindu American Foundation (HAF) refrain from political postures and virtually end up doing nothing. It’s important for organizations such as these to ensure the minority Hindu voices are not only heard but protected as well.
  2. Reportedly 72% Indian Americans voted for Democrats. We Indians are not clear why we vote almost en bloc for Democrats. It would be better to have an internal dialogue as to what is important for us as a community or do we just give in to emotional whims and fancies of a few? Some elements believe that all that matters is a pro-immigration stand by the Democrats to “bag” the Indian vote! It ends up being a pathetic sell-out for “immigration”.

  1. Hindus must look at the statement that Muslim organizations have made; they said, “we don’t want to be forgotten after vote is over, we want equal seat at the table”. You got to applaud their clear vision! They have a strategy to remain relevant and stay engaged! We Hindus have none! I have said on my TV programs that Hindus face existential threat not because 1.3 billion people will vaporize overnight but because we will not be relevant to anyone despite being useful – we will remain professionals available for a fee for a designated purpose only!!

  1. We wake up too late and end up wailing and crying at the supposed “injustices” meted out to us since other groups negotiated better outcomes for themselves. Let’s look forward to 2022 and 2024 to ensure we get engaged with the political process of this country.

  1. The elections in five battleground states of PA, WI, NV, MI and GA are going through challenges in the judicial process. We will have to await the outcomes. It’s amazing the election process as we are witnessing today was envisaged by the Founding Fathers provided for such exigencies in the Constitution. Candidate  Trump is taking advantage of the provisions to ensure all legal votes are counted.

  1. At long last we seem to have a vaccine against Wuhanvirus! Now we also must investigate thoroughly who really created it to cause millions of cases and deaths, trillions of dollars vaporized from the economies all over the world, lives changed, social customs and cultures destroyed, permanent disappearance of many traditional jobs and employment scenarios! The guilty must be punished and there has to be a clear accountability for this unmitigated disaster.

Times have changed, we better get ready for the change !

Happy Diwali to all readers of The South Asian Times.

Vibhuti Jha 

Executive Director & Board of Director, Nalanda International 

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