Letter threatens Indian, Chinese communities in Texas

New York: Amid countrywide protests against racism in the US, a letter threatening Indian and Chinese communities living in the country was recovered by the Irving Police Department in Texas Monday.

The letter accuses the Indians and Chinese of stealing the jobs of many Americans in the IT industry and other fields, and threatens them to leave the country “without further delay”. “We will have no choice but to shoot mercilessly at workplace, in community, on pool or on playground,” the letter reads.

However, the Irving Police Department, who posted a photo of the letter on their social media, said it is an isolated incident. The department also assigned an investigator for the case.

“The Irving Police Department has been made aware of a letter received by a member of the community. Right now this is an isolated incident. If you have received a letter let us know. We take harassment and hate crime extremely seriously. An investigator has been assigned to this case. If you have any information on where this letter generated from and who is responsible for it, please contact: Investigator Cunningham – [email protected],” the police department said.

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