Letter to Editor

Dear Editor,

I read a very interesting article about Women Warriors in the recent edition of The South Asian Times.  I am deeply dismayed about no mention by the author Ms. Neeraja Kukreja Sohoni, of Rani Abbakka Devi who fought and died a violent death in the hands of the Portuguese in 1570 as the first woman warrior against the Colonials and Kittur Rani Chennama, as the second in 1829 by the Britishers! The history behind these two women is also painfully interesting!

I am happy to inform you that Air India honored Kittur Rani Chennamma on the 21st of February, her death anniversary by announcing so on their flights!

As with all major newspapers, the contributors to The South Asian Times should include their contact email address, and The South Asian Times to devote a page for Readers Views.

Sharada Jayagopal M.D.

  1. Williston, N.Y.
Image courtesy of thesatimes

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