Letter to Editor

Dear Editor,

Referring to the news item on page 8 of last week’s issue titled ‘Don’t compare Nazi Hakenkreuz to peaceful Swastika, HinduPACT to Trudeau’.

I appreciate your giving due importance to this subject and thank you very much for publishing this news item.

In this regard, I have to point out the omission of the JAIN religion, wherein the Swastika is one of the eight most important symbols (Astamangal). I strongly object to incorrect – wrong use of the very auspicious Swastika symbol and agree that HinduPACT has rightly taken up this issue.

The Canadian Hon. Prime Minister and The Canadian Minister (NDP Leader Mr. Jagmeet Singh) have to recognize the Multicultural mosaic and respect the freedom of citizens.

A few years ago, The Toronto Star misused Swastika with Nazi Hakeneuz in their Nazi-related stories and a complaint by the undersigned was upheld by the Ontario Press Council in this regard. Even the Toronto Police Hate Crime corrected their informative hate crime pamphlet changing Swastika in perpendicular style to 45 degrees tilted Hakenreuz!

Prakash Mody

Ontario, Canada

Image courtesy of thesatimes

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