Long Island resident Reema Rasool runs for US Congress on Democratic Ballot

Long Island, NY:  Just as the first Muslim American female, Kamala Khan aka Ms Marvel, uses her super powers to take the world by storm in the Marvel Comic Universe on Disney+, real-life Muslim American superhero Reema Rasool fights against inequality and advocates for justice on behalf of her almost 800,000 constituents on the Northern Shore of Long Island and Northeast Queens.
“We are a people-powered campaign,” asserts Rasool. “I’m representing the middle-class of this country and plan to advance our standing as the technological and business capital of the world. Together, we will guarantee healthcare, a healthy environment, and financial stability for all.”

Rasool, a first-generation American, the daughter of Drs. Shama and Ayaz Rasool, immigrated to NY-3 from Srinagar, Kashmir in 1974. A life-long NY-3 resident, Rasool is a serial entrepreneur and successful businesswoman who advocates for small business owners. A mother of two teenage boys, Rasool is a graduate of New York University and the founder of South Asian Young Women Entrepreneurs (SAY WE), a national not-for-profit trade association that educates, supports, and advocates for women in business. Rasool is also the founder and principal of LUXE Consulting Groupe, an international financial marketing firm that specializes in the niche field of U.S. infrastructure investments by foreign nationals. LUXE has offices in India and the UAE.
Rasool is running for Congress to lower taxes, support small business owners by redefining the tax code, fight for education equity for children, keep communities safe, and ensure healthcare for all. The Democratic Primary for New York’s 3rd Congressional District is slated for Tuesday, August 23, 2022.

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