Majority Americans back India over China

New Delhi: Majority of Americans overwhelmingly backed India over China saying they prefer the US government to support New Delhi in case of a possible Indo-China military and economic conflict.

According to a survey by Australia-based think tank Lowy Institute which was published on The Interpreter explores US public views on potential military or economic strife between the two nuclear-armed countries.

The web survey was conducted on a sample of 1,012 American respondents on July 7 in which the respondents were randomly asked whether they will support the US aiding India, China, or neither side if both the countries were engaged in military or economic conflict.

According to results published by the think tank, 63.6 percent of respondents would have the US support neither India nor China if they were to engage in military conflict with each other, compared to 60.6 percent regarding economic conflict with each other, ANI reported.

A majority of people backed India with 32.6 percent respondents saying they would prefer that the US support India, as opposed to 3.8 per cent who preferred that the US support China.

For an economic conflict, 36.3 percent of respondents preferred US support for India, while 3.1 percent preferred the US support for China.

This survey comes amid heightened tension between India and China as troops of both countries are engaged in a military standoff since May.

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