Manipur bans sharing of videos or photos of violence on social media

New Delhi: The Manipur government extended the suspension of mobile data Internet services until October 16 to prevent the use of social media for transmitting images, hate speech and hate video messages, which might have serious repercussions for the law and order situation in the state.

In the order, commissioner (home) T Ranjit Singh, said it has become necessary to take adequate measures to maintain law and order in public interest “to thwart the design and activities of anti-national and anti-social elements and to maintain peace and communal harmony and to prevent any loss of life or danger to public/ private property.”

The Manipur government had suspended mobile data services in some districts of the state on May 3 following ethnic violence — a day later all internet services had been shut across the state and it has continued since. On September 23, the Manipur government lifted the ban but reimposed it on September 26.

Meanwhile, curfew both in Imphal West and Imphal East districts where state capital Imphal is located, was relaxed from 5 am to 7 pm, on October 11, according to an order from the district magistrate. The ongoing ethnic conflict that has engulfed Manipur since May 3 has claimed 178 people until now, at least 1430 people have been injured and over 50,000 people have been displaced.

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