Manoj Daga completes one month of fasting

Manoj Daga, resident of New York City, has completed one month of fasting (Maskhaman) during Paryushan. While this Tapasya is a great accomplishment in itself, it was particularly noteworthy considering it was done in this pandemic. Manoj acknowledges the support of his gurus, family, and others who gave him the courage needed to pursue this Tapasya. Ultimately, such a feat is only possible with the blessings of God and Manoj believes this journey has strengthened his relationship with God. Not only has this Tapasya had a spiritual impact on him, but it also significantly improved his inner strength – it needs tremendous willpower to refrain from food for four weeks, which is mandatory. Manoj illustrated the power of the human mind to control one’s senses and desires via meditation and mental fortitude. Besides mental strength, he believes that this experience will have everlasting positive benefits for his physical health as it provided his body an opportunity to reduce excess weight and remove harmful toxins. Overall, Manoj’s Tapasya demonstrated and improved his spiritual, mental, and physical strength – none of which would have been possible without the unrelenting support of his community and God himself.

Image courtesy of (Photo: Pragya Daga)

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