Marjaryasana: Yoga for developing Rajas Guna for action

By Atul Vyas 

Yoga is based upon the profound study of the forces of life. According to yoga philosophy the Gunas are the primal qualities that regulate and control the direction of all life activities.

Rajas is the most active of the gunas, and motion and stimulation are its characteristics. All desires, wishes and ambitions are the result of Rajas, and various psychiatric illnesses are produced by imbalance of the Rajas guna.

People who have dominant Rajas Guna are very human in their character and their approach to life. They are intellectually oriented but vulnerable to the weakness and temptations of life.

Rajas guna dominated individuals tend to identify themselves with their actions, their roles in life or the praise they receive from others, such a state of activity and hyperactivity is called Rajas.

For people who are lazy or suffer from inertia and need to be activated, stimulating Rajas guna is one of the solutions. Yoga is very efficacious in developing Rajas guna. One of yogic interventions is Marjaryasana or the Cat pose.


  • Stand on the limbs
  • Keep arms and thighs straight and vertical
  • Now, while exhaling move back down towards, so the back becomes concave
  • Now while inhaling, lift your shoulders blades to push your spine upwards making it convex
  • Continue to move the spine up and down on each inhalation and exhalations
  • Repeat ten times


  • Balances pitta
  • Activates Rajas guna
  • Restores energy
  • Massages abdominal organs and improves digestion
  • Relieves stress
  • Makes spine flexible and strong

Note of Caution

Those suffering from spinal injuries, peptic ulcers, Cervical spondylosis should not avoid this pose.

Atul Vyas likes to be called a “Yoga Scientist”. He is a celebrity yoga trainer and has trained several top Hollywood and Bollywood stars. He has trained for years under many eminent yoga gurus including his illustrious mother Daya Vyas, the first lady yoga guru of India.

Images courtesy of Seema and Provided

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