“Maximize Human Potential – The Jain Way”: JAINA Convention from June 30 to July 3, 2023

The Federation of Jain Associations in North America (JAINA) will be celebrating its 22nd Convention on the Fourth of July weekend — from June 30th to July 3rd, 2023. Every two years, JAINA, in partnership with a group of local Sanghs, hosts a convention that brings together over 4000 guests worldwide. This year, the convention will be hosted in Lakeland, Florida, between Orlando & Tampa on the main Highway. 

Spiritual dignitaries and scholars at the convention will elaborate upon how Jainism can help humanity progress to our highest potential by conditioning our body, mind, and spirit to perpetually strive to achieve lasting inner peace and to impact our world in positive ways. 

Convention Convener and First Vice President of JAINA, Bindesh Shah of Tampa, Florida, proudly announced the start of convention planning with hundreds of volunteers from across the nation eager to offer their services.  The Convention Board and its several committees have been hard at work to ensure that this first in-person convention after COVID-19 is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  

Enlightening discourses, discussion tracks and activities planned at this Convention will offer attendees a deeper understanding of Jain principles and values while also helping our communities with a roadmap to bounce back. Youth participation, through JAINA’s affiliate organizations, Young Jains of America (YJA), Young Jain Professionals (YJP), as well as Jain Connect will be strongly promoted and encouraged.  There will be focused programs for all age groups: children (ages 5-12), youth (ages 13-20), Jain Networking Forum (ages 21-29), and adults.  

Other featured events include the popular Jain Academic Bowl (JAB), a jeopardy-style vocabulary game in which young Jains compete with other international teams, Jains Got Talent (JGT), Cultural Nrutya Natika (Musical Drama), Cooking Show, Odissi style Bhaktamar Spiritual performance, Tirth Bhav Yatra, and evening entertainment programs including Raas-Garba, and Bollywood Musical Night. 

Public Relations and Media Committee Chair Vipul Shah of Chicago proudly confirmed that spiritual dignitaries such as Acharya Lokesh Muni, Sadhvi Shilapiji, Shaileshi Didi, Pt Champakbhai Mehta, Sanjeevji Godha and many others will enlighten with their wisdom during the Convention. While Sri Guru Ratna Prabhu, and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar will give the keynote addresses, other featured inspirational speakers include Dr. Bipin Doshi, SP Bharill, Dr. Pradip Jamnadas, Rahul Kapoor Jain, Pt Mahesh Jain, and Sharmila Oswal.  

The daily sessions and discussions will be well-complemented by refreshing cultural programs in the evening including Jain Drama, Jains Got Talent (JGT), and entertaining performances from Jain Centers across North America.  

JAINA convention 2023 is an invitation to all who aspire to maximize potential to improve, influence, and inspire others, to address the problem of modern times using the modern-day tools available to us, the Jain way. Since opening the registration on August 18th, over 2,000 attendees have already registered for the convention. Come join us! With our collective wisdom, we will dream and create a nonviolent future of Love, Peace, and Collaboration. Your presence and participation will strengthen our interconnection as we walk on this resilient path to peace that we build together. 

For additional information about this convention and to register, visit: www.jainaconvention.org 

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