Meera Gandhi travels to India with 3 Tips

Essentials for Peace, Joy and Success

Meera Gandhi, a humanitarian and author, celebrated the unveiling of her new book “3 Tips” in New Delhi and Mumbai in several high profile launch events. Some of the moderators for these events included Suhel Seth, Dolly Thakore, Vinod Advani and Ramola Bachchan.

Meera Gandhi and Malavika Sangghvi at Crossword Bookstores, Mumbai

3 Tips: The Essentials for Peace, Joy and Success by Meera Gandhi covers several topics related to mental health and wellness. This book is published by Rupa Publications India.

Title Waves Bookstore, Mumbai

The book breaks down complex issues into 3 simple tips for each subject which anyone can pick up and implement into their own lives. Anyone feeling lost or in need of guidance can easily dive into the many subjects covered and find themselves gently nudged into a direction that brings them a greater awareness and clarity of their present situation in the context of a greater spiritual perspective.

Guest, Ramola Bachchan, Meera Gandhi, Suhel Seth and Aman Nath at Delhi Golf Club, Delhi

This book is a continuation of Meera’s focus on creating highly accessible and practical resources in the mental health, wellness and spirituality space. In fact, supporting mental wellness initiatives is the third pillar of The Giving Back Foundation.

Pandit Suresh Mishra, Meera Gandhi and Shazia Ilmi at Constitution Club, Delhi


Ramola Bachchan and Meera Gandhi at the Jindal Residence, Delhi


Sima Taparia and Meera Gandhi at Crossword Bookstores, Mumbai


Meera Gandhi

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