Melania slams Dems for politicizing pandemic in 1st rally

Washington: First Lady Melania Trump focused on the Covid-19 pandemic in her first solo campaign event of 2020 on Tuesday and blasted Democrats for politicizing the pandemic.

Melania directly attacked Joe Biden, claiming: “Now he suggests that he could have done a better job. Well, the American people can look at Joe Biden’s 36 years in Congress and eight years in the vice presidency and determine whether they think he’ll finally be able to get something done for the American people.”

The first lady also spoke about her family’s struggle with the virus and demonstrated compassion for those suffering the virus — something rarely done by President Trump in rallies.

“Like many of you, I have experienced the firsthand effects of Covid-19 — not only as a patient — but as a worried mother and wife. I know there are many people who have lost loved ones or know people who have been forever impacted by this silent enemy,” Melania Trump said in Pennsylvania.

Her first solo campaign appearance comes with just one week to go before the election. Her up-to-now campaign trail absence has marked a historic break from precedent, especially in a race that finds her husband fighting for votes, reports CNN.

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