Menendez tried to influence Gurbir Grewal: Report

New Jersey: Indicted U.S. Senator Bob Menendez is speculated to have contacted New Jersey’s former Indian American Attorney General Gurbir Grewal in an attempt to influence the prosecution of a businessman.

Grewal is mentioned as “Official-2” in the indictment of Menendez, the New Jersey Globe claimed, suggesting that Grewal likely would be a government witness against the senator.

Federal prosecutors as cited by the Globe claim that Menendez contacted Grewal in January 2019 in an attempt to influence the prosecution of Jose Uribe, a businessman, allegedly in exchange for the purchase of a $60,000 Mercedes convertible for the senator’s wife, Nadine.

“Specifically, Menendez contacted a senior state prosecutor in the Office of the New Jersey Attorney General who supervised the prosecution of the New Jersey Defendant and the investigation involving the New Jersey Investigative Subject (“Official-2”) in an attempt, through advice and pressure, to cause Official2 to resolve these matters favorably to the New Jersey Defendant and the New Jersey investigative subject,” the indictment said.

“After being contacted by Menendez, to avoid any potential inappropriate influence in the case, Official-2 (Grewal) did not share with the prosecution team that Menendez had contacted him about the matter, and did not intervene in the matter,” prosecutors claim.

Image courtesy of Fox 29

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