Michael Kuruvilla set to become first Indian American police chief of Chicago suburb

An Indian-American is set to take over as the police chief of Brookfield, a suburb of Chicago. According to reports, Michael Kuruvilla will be the first Malayalee American police chief in the country.

The 37-year-old Kuruvilla was the first Indian-American hired by Brookfield in 2006. He is likely to take over from the existing police chief on July 12. While his promotion has not been announced officially, senior officials have said it is logical that he will take over.

After getting a master’s degree in social work, Kuruvilla worked as a police crisis worker in Brookfield before joining the department. He was the first Indian-American hired by the Brookfield force and also the first officer to do crisis intervention training. Kuruvilla has also volunteered, along with his wife, with a nonprofit that helps women victimized by the adult entertainment industry and human trafficking.

Kuruvilla also got a grant for bulletproof vests for officers and was president of the police union for six years before being promoted as lieutenant. “My ability and the opportunity to provide someone who may be suffering and in pain even just a moment of reprieve and peace is important and fulfilling to me,” he told an interviewer.

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