Michelle Obama keeps stress at bay with knitting!

It is no secret that Michelle Obama loves knitting. The former first lady of the US had previously admitted that she picked up knitting as a hobby during quarantine in the early days of the pandemic, discovering “how fulfilling it can be to turn small stitches into something big and beautiful.” 

In an Instagram post, she described her experience, writing, “I started off making tops for my girls, and realized I still had a lot more to learn.” She also told Shayna Rose of Vogue Knitting that she taught herself how to knit, looking at videos on YouTube. 

“Anyone can do it, it’s just you have to have the patience and the desire to take small stitches and turn them into something great,” she had said. 

Michelle was also quoted as telling Gayle King on CBS This Morning, in May 2021, that she made halter tops for her daughters Malia and Sasha “which they love.” 

She had made one top for husband Barack Obama, too. 

Recently, while in conversation with eight girls at the Mānoa Heritage Center in Hawaii, she shared that “knitting” helps her “to do something physically”, and “get out of that mental space that may be negative at that moment.” She talked about a lot of things, including how to handle negative thoughts and dealing with bullies. 

According to a People report, the ‘Becoming‘ author also told the girls: “One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to practice saying affirming messages. You can’t control what the world says to you, but you can control what you say to yourself. Practice letting in good messages about yourself. Invite good people into your circle.” 

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