Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s 3 tips to make your WFH easier

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella at the recent WSJ CEO Council hosted online shared a lot about how he sees virtual meetings making processes more efficient and effective, why social connection is important and planning your day is all the more important. Nadella feels that video conferencing will be a crucial part of daily routines but that doesn’t mean people would stop going to offices completely.
One of the most important things that Nadella shared is that work from home requires more discipline and time management. If you just wake up, start working and continue attending back-to-back meetings then you are going to face a burn out very soon. “You need to plan more and better if you are working from home,” said Nadella. Here are three effective tips from Nadella to make your work from home life easier…
Plan your day, include breaks and have strict time limits
You got to first decide your work timings and stick to it. And to help you stick to the schedule, you need to plan minute details. You need to be aware that you are not scheduling a meeting when it is time to have dinner. Enforcing strict time limits for each meeting is another crucial aspect to avoid a burn out.
Do short video meetings and allow yourself the transition time from one meeting to another
Video meetings are important to establish a social connection and as per Nadella, it is good to host short meetings just to catch up with every team member. At the same time, video meetings should be focused and planned better. Having a meeting first to decide what the meeting would be about is not a good idea.Have an agenda and stick to time within the time limits and follow up over email or another video meeting at some other time. Timing is important because if someone has to attend multiple meetings and if even one of them gets extended for not so important reasons then his/her entire schedule gets extended.

Remember the time at office, when you had to walk from one meeting room to another and you used this time to grab a quick coffee just to prepare your mind for the next meeting. Nadella explains that you should allow yourself this transition time from one meeting to another. Doing back-to-back meetings may not be productive in the long run.

Spend less time on your mobile and switch off notifications
Nadella says that it is important to stay away from distractions caused by notifications on smartphones. You need to stay away from the mobile phone screen to avoid fatigue. Nadella usually silences notifications and opts for deep reading sessions. “You need to allocate your attention better,” he said. (Source:

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