Minimum number of steps you should walk to avoid lifestyle diseases

Walking is the easiest and one of the most effective ways to shed kilos and take care of your heart and mind. It can help you lose weight sustainably with little risk of injuries and less impact on your joints, knees, or muscles. According to studies, walking can improve blood pressure, slow down heart rate, reduce fat and body weight, cholesterol, and ease depression. While the many benefits of walking have been shown by several studies over the years, it is not clear how much to walk for a healthy life.

There are studies that suggest walking 10,000 steps can help improve cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of both dementia and cancer. While achieving the target of walking 10,000 steps daily has become popular among fitness enthusiasts even fewer steps than that can confer many benefits. As many as 3,800 steps daily can reduce cognitive decline by 25%. According to yet another recent study, people who take 7,000 steps per day are at a reduced risk of early death than those who take fewer steps each day. However, due to a sedentary lifestyle, many people struggle to achieve even 5K or 7K. 

Fitness experts say that one must decide the number of steps to walk per day on the basis of their daily activity level.

Image courtesy of Times Now

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