Modi cabinet clears withdrawal of farm laws

New Delhi: The Narendra Modi led cabinet unanimously passed a proposal of the bill to return the three farm laws on November 24. The bill will be passed in the upcoming session of parliament beginning Monday. The meeting of the Union Cabinet was chaired by Prime Minister Modi, who had earlier made the announcement of the withdrawal of all three agricultural laws on November 16.

The bill approved by the cabinet will be passed in both the houses of the Parliament and all the three agricultural laws will be duly repealed after the assent of the President.

According to parliamentary rules, the process of withdrawing any old law is also the same process as for making new law. Just as a bill has to be passed by both the Houses of Parliament to make a new law, in the same way, a bill has to be passed by both the Houses of Parliament to withdraw or abolish an old law.

The 26 bills listed for introduction in the Winter Session include the Cryptocurrency and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill, 2021 through which India is planning to adopt blockchain technology but intend to ban cryptocurrencies except for the official one.

Image courtesy of (Photo courtesy Business Standard)

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