Modi says will fulfil promises under Nitish’s leadership

New Delhi: Amid cheering crowds at BJP headquarters here, Prime Minister Narendra Modi thanked the people for reposing faith in BJP and NDA.

Ending suspense on the new Bihar government, the Prime Minister said, “Under the leadership of Nitish Kumar the NDA workers will fulfil poll promises and oath given to people for development.”

He said, “despite 15 years of rule the people have given mandate to the NDA for development of the state, those who thought they can win with other issues have been proven wrong.”

From Kashmir to every part of the country the BJP has gained electorally because its mantra is service and development,” he said.

He also attacked the opposition political parties without taking names he said either there are family parties or parties controlled by family.

Attacking Congress, Modi said even the oldest party is in grip of a family but now the people know of it.

He also warned parties indulging in violence and said that this could not be tolerated.

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