Moved by suffering Motherland, Indian American community sending aid

New York:  Several Indian organizations,  charities and CEOs as well as concerned individuals have swung into action, moved by the  suffering and shortages caused by the Covid pandemic in India.

Some US lawmakers and wealthy technology executives have joined forces to boost aid to India, Congressman Ro Khanna said. Tech billionaire Vinod Khosla and other executives of Indian origin at Google, IBM and Microsoft are working closely with the bipartisan Congressional Caucus on India. The group is trying to match Indian hospitals and other facilities with supplies of oxygen and other urgently needed medical equipment, and pushing the White House to do more for India, the world’s largest democracy.

Google said on Monday it was donating another $18 million in India for victims and medical supplies, and confirmed CEO Sundar Pichai was personally donating $700,000 to UNICEF’s India response.

Ajay Banga led Mastercard has committed $10 M to set up mobile hospitals and oxygen generators in India.


Sewa International, the Houston-based nonprofit that specializes in disaster recovery, etc,  has ramped up their fundraising goal to $10 million to fight the COVID surge in India.

The US India Chamber of Commerce (USICOC) Foundation and its partner organizations are shipping 50 ventilators to India, besides other medical supplies, to help the country fight the deadly second wave of Covid-19.

AAPI President Dr Sudhakar Jonnalagadda announced that “AAPI with the collaboration of numerous members/Chapters has placed orders for securing and delivering oxygen concentrators for 200 units to be delivered direct to hospitals in India.”


An Indian-American group led by several doctors, who trace their origin to Bihar and Jharkhand, has launched a free telemedicine helpline for Covid-19 patients back home.

A GoFundMe initiative by NJ residents Dr. Shubha Varma and Archana Gollamudi aims to raise enough money to send minimum 100 oxygen concentrators each to Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Ahmedabad next week.

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