Nassau County holds inter-faith candlelight vigil for victims of hate

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran and the Nassau County Office of Asian American Affairs hosted an Interfaith Candlelight Vigil Against All Acts of Hate and Discrimination on the front steps of the Theodore Roosevelt Executive and Legislative on April 1st. The vigil was held in honor of the victims of the Georgia massage parlor shootings, which took the lives of eight people, six of whom were women of Asian descent, and all victims of hate.

“Nassau County is standing together against the rising tide of Anti-Asian hatred. Although there have been no reported hate crimes targeting Asians in Nassau, the attacks we’re seeing nationwide are unacceptable. Nassau County will continue to work alongside our state and federal partners to combat hatred with action that will deter violence, protect our residents, and educate the public,” said Nassau County Executive Laura Curran.

 “We are here to stand vigil for the victims of the shooting in Atlanta, Georgia. We honor each life lost at the hands of atrocious, violent hate, and we are committed to raising awareness of the anti-Asian discrimination that has swept the country. Nassau County has no place for hatred, violence, and inhumanity,” said Farrah Mozawalla, Executive Director of the Office of Asian American Affairs.

Event speakers included: Pastor Steven Na from the Edge City Church in New Hyde Park; Dr. Isma Chaudhry from the Islamic Center of Long Island; Bishop Lionel Harvey from the First Baptist Cathedral of Westbury; Olivia Wong from New Hyde Park Memorial High School; Commissioner Shirley Shing from the Nassau County Human Rights Commission; Rabbi Susan Elkodsi from the Malverne Jewish Center.

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