National Federation of Indian American Associations’ new committee sworn in

December 30th 2020, Ajoy Dube from Bellflower, CA was installed as the nationally elected President of the National Federation of Indian American Associations (NFIA). 

A virtual Swearing-in and installation Ceremony for all the nationally elected officers was held at the 1st General Body Board for the new term of NFIA.

NFIA conducted its bi-annual election between Dec 26 – 27, 2020 on a nationwide electronic voting among eligible members of NFIA and the result was declared on Dec 28, 2020 by the Chief Election Commissioner Dr. Thomas Abraham and Past President Ashok Madan. 

Ajoy Kumar Dube who was elected NFIA president is a veteran in community involvement, both in the metropolitan Los Angeles and in California and has been working in the community for several decades in leadership positions. A retired Boeing Engineer by profession, Ajoy Dube is bringing into the current Executive Committee a lot of enthusiastic team members who have contributed to their local communities and to NFIA for the last several years.

Executive Committee Members including Lavanya Reddy (Executive Vice President), Dr. Satish Mishra (Vice President), Ashok (Pat) Patnaik (Vice President), Raj Razdan (Vice President), Dr. Makam Subbarao (Secretary), Dr. Om Sharma (Joint Secretary), Pooja Thomre (Treasurer) are all veteran members of NFIA and are bringing in their experience besides their long-term service association with NFIA.

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