NCAPA on the State of the Union: Tremendous Progress for AANHPIs, But Pain and Challenges Persist

National Council of Asian Pacific Americans (NCAPA) released the following press statement on the State of the Union address by President Joe Biden:  

As we reflect on the last two years of the Biden-Harris Administration, two truths stand out. First, we have made remarkable progress in recovering from a pandemic that brought with it a crushing economic downturn, as well as a wave of anti-Asian racism that left our community fearful and deeply hurt. For this, we salute President Biden for his commitment to ensuring that our communities were a core part of his administration as well as its work to advance equity. They have set a new benchmark for what AANHPI engagement should look like across the government, all while rebuilding the American economy. 

The second truth is that despite all the progress we have made in emerging from the pandemic, it feels as though we are losing ground in keeping xenophobia and racism from finding renewed footholds in our society and discourse. As we have said many times, Asian Americans must not be made targets of national ire as international tensions rise–and as the focus intensifies on parts of our diverse community–we cannot allow other communities, like Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders to remain less visible. 

The state of the Union has always depended on work towards the collective good; and the members of NCAPA remain committed towards this goal. 

Image courtesy of thesatimes

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