New ATA president Bhuvanesh Boojala to give impetus to emergency services

Bhuvanesh Boojala took charge as the new President of American Telugu Association, ATA, a premier umbrella Organization serving the needs of the Telugu people across North America on Jan 16 in Nashville, TN. 

Boojala who hails from the Washington DC area has been an ardent follower of ATA since 2004 and as a coordinator was instrumental in the success of Philadelphia Convention in 2014. 

President Parmesh Bheemreddy passed on the baton to the new president.

Newly elected Board of trustees elected include Jayanth Challa, Kashiviswanatha Kotha, Parashuram Pinnapureddy, Sharada Singireddy, Somashekar Nalla, Thirupathi Reddy Yerramreddy, Hanu Thirumal Reddy, Prasheel Gukanti, Raghuveer Reddy, Ram Annadi, Ravinder Gudur, Rinda Sama, Sharath Vemula, Sudheer Bandaru & Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy Thupally
Addressing the board, President Boojala laid out the road map for the organization and announced that 1-844-ATA-SEVA will be expanded to all the major cities across US and that its dedicated volunteer base is ready to serve the community during crisis times. ATA Board encouraged the Telugu Community to reach out to the ATA Service line during an emergency. President Boojala re-iterated that while ATA will stay true to its core beliefs of promoting literary, cultural, educational, and social activities of the community his focus areas would include putting more emphasis on ATA Foundational activities in India and ATA achieving financial stability during his tenure. President encouraged the board to brainstorm new ideas on how to involve second generation youth in ATA related activities, increase youth participation and eventually come into leadership positions. 

Boojala was ecstatic to announce to the board that the 17th ATA National Convention will be held at Washington DC Walter E. Convention Centre from July 1-3, 2022, the first time ever in the organization’s history. ATA Youth scholarships, Literary programs, Student Services, Health camps and ATA Matrimony programs will be given a new impetus during his presidency. 

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