New ‘Lead Czar’ Joins NYC Rat Czar

Jasmine Blake, a longtime veteran of city government, will serve as the Big Apple’s lead compliance officer, officials announced Tuesday.

While not officially known as the “lead czar,” Blake’s new position puts her at the center of longstanding city efforts to remove the toxic metal from NYCHA apartments, private homes and drinking water.

Those efforts have seen some success, according to a new city study — “Taking the Lead on Lead” — released with the announcement of Blake’s appointment. Childhood lead exposure has been reduced 93 percent since 2005, the study found.

“New York City has always been at the forefront of fighting childhood lead exposure, and this latest report demonstrates our commitment to furthering this work,” Blake said in a statement.“Under this new position, we will be able to improve interagency communication, strengthen our lead-related programs, and monitor compliance with city, state, and federal laws to better protect all New Yorkers.”

Lead exposure is linked to numerous negative health effects, especially for children.

Kids are often exposed to the toxic metal through lead-based paint in older homes, including NYCHA apartments.

Blake currently works as chief of staff to the city’s chief housing officer Jessica Katz, and will continue in that role in addition to her new lead duties, officials said. (Source:

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