New Year Message

Kamlesh Mehta and Parveen Chopra
The South Asian Times

Dear Kamlesh and Parveen,

Ranju joins me in extending our best wishes to you, your family and readers of The South Asian Times for a safe, happy, light-hearted, healthy and Blessed 2021!

2020 was a year of reckoning. Our nation, and world, faced a collective tsunami – whether you call it SARS-Cov2, Coronavirus, Covid-19, Wuhan Virus, China Virus, or, taking into account the creative and expansive actions of our dear Friend in the South China Sea over the last decade, a biowarfare agent that has Pearl Harbored us over 100 times.

Having been infested with this Trojan Horse of a Virus, which has the Bats’ unique “Spike Glycoprotein (S)” transplanted on to it, and survived it with God’s Grace and support of dear friends, only to then have to face its secondary internal attacks, which may be perpetual as they are ever-changing as to their targeted body system or organ, we are conscious, as never before, just how precious life is. Indeed, every moment is truly precious as it may be our last. From this new reality comes a desire to spend time only with people and things that matter: family & friends, and to whom we owe high fiduciaries duties, including, as citizens protecting the United States from enemies foreign and domestic.

We thank President Donald J. Trump for his service as POTUS, even as we welcome Joseph R. Biden Jr as our 46th POTUS. Both were the choice of our fellow Americans. May God continue to find us worthy of His Blessings. Indeed, 2021 is pregnant with Hope – as on Noah’s Ark.

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