New York officials celebrate the end of Trump era’s public charge rule

New York:  Mayor Bill de Blasio, Corporation Counsel James E. Johnson and Immigrant Affairs Commissioner Bitta Mostofi celebrated the end of the Trump Administration’s public charge rule.

“Today, hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers can rest easier knowing that the Trump administration’s public charge rule is over, once and for all. We fought relentlessly in court against Trump’s policy that placed millions at risk during the worst public health crisis of our lifetime—and we won. We will never stop fighting for the rights and health of our immigrant neighbors,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio 

Corporation Counsel James E. Johnson said, “When new immigrants arrive in the city, they come with hopes, dreams, a fresh and enriching perspective and, sometimes, not much more.  We don’t ask ‘how much do you have?’  Rather, we ask ‘what can you become?’  Thankfully, we now have an administration that both acknowledges how much our immigrant community has suffered during the pandemic and wisely recognizes how vital it is to our recovery. Today we welcome the steps taken to reverse this cruel policy and get us back on a just and productive track.”

“We join our partners in celebrating the end of the heartless public charge rule. The Biden administration rightly recognized the devastating impact of this unconscionable Trump administration policy on immigrant communities, perpetuating fear and confusion throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We commend the incredible efforts taken by coalitions of advocates, local governments, and community partners alike in this fight to protect the health, safety, and well-being of all our families. Immigrant New Yorkers: if you have questions about the end of public charge and what it means for you and your loved ones, you can call ActionNYC at 800-354-0365 for City-funded, free and safe immigration legal help,” said Bitta Mostofi, from the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affair’s Commissioner.


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